Energy Systems in Electrical Engineering

Book Series
There are 8 volumes in this series
Published 2015 - 2019

About this series

Energy Systems in Electrical Engineering is a unique series that aims to capture advances in electrical energy technology as well as advances electronic devices and systems used to control and capture other sources of energy. Electric power generated from alternate energy sources is getting increasing attention and supports for new initiatives and developments in order to meet the increased energy demands around the world. The availability of computer–based advanced control techniques along with the advancement in the high-power processing capabilities is opening new doors of opportunity for the development, applications and management of energy and electric power. This series aims to serve as a conduit for dissemination of knowledge based on advances in theory, techniques, and applications in electric energy systems. The Series accepts research monographs, introductory and advanced textbooks, professional books, reference works, and select conference proceedings. Areas of interest include, electrical and electronic aspects, applications, and needs of the following key areas: • Biomass and Wastes Energy • Carbon Management • Costs and Marketing • Diagnostics and Protections • Distributed Energy Systems • Distribution System Control and Communication • Electric Vehicles and Tractions Applications • Electromechanical Energy Conversion • Energy Conversion Systems • Energy Costs and Monitoring • Energy Economics • Energy Efficiency • Energy and Environment • Energy Management, and Monitoring • Energy Policy • Energy Security • Energy Storage and Transportation • Energy Sustainability • Fuel Cells • Geothermal Energy • Hydrogen, Methanol and Ethanol Energy • Hydropower and Technology • Intelligent Control of Power and Energy Systems • Nuclear Energy and Technology • Ocean Energy • Power and Energy Conversions and Processing • Power Electronics and Power Systems • Renewable Energy Technologies • Simulation and Modeling for Energy Systems • Superconducting for Energy Applications • Tidal Energy • Transport Energy