Springer Proceedings in Energy

Book Series
There are 18 volumes in this series
Published 2014 - 2019

About this series

The series Springer Proceedings in Energy covers a broad range of multidisciplinary subjects in those research fields closely related to present and future forms of energy as a resource for human societies. Typically based on material presented at conferences, workshops and similar scientific meetings, volumes published in this series will constitute comprehensive state-of-the-art references on energy-related science and technology studies. The subjects of these conferences will fall typically within these broad categories: - Energy Efficiency - Fossil Fuels - Nuclear Energy - Policy, Economics, Management & Transport - Renewable and Green Energy - Systems, Storage and Harvesting - Materials for Energy eBooks Volumes in the Springer Proceedings in Energy will be available online in the world’s most extensive eBook collection, as part of the Springer Energy eBook Collection. Proposals Proposals for new volumes should include the following: - name, place and date of the scientific event - a link to the committees (local organization, international advisors etc.) - description of the scientific aims and scope of the meeting - list of invited/plenary speakers - an estimate of the proceedings book details (number of pages/articles, requested number of bulk copies, submission deadline). Please send your proposals to Dr Maria Bellantone, Senior Publishing Editor, Springer (maria.bellantone@springer.com)