Interdisciplinary Evolution Research

Book Series
There are 5 volumes in this series
Published 2014 - 2018

About this series

The series provides a scholarly platform for the growing demand to examine specific evolutionary problems from within multiple disciplines that make use of a varied set of theories and methodologies.

Anthologies focus on how well-defined evolutionary problems benefit from inter- and transdisciplinary approaches, and how unified jargon or methodologies provide better insight into the problem at hand. We therefore welcome examinations of phenomena including though not limited to the origin and evolution of life, cognition, social, communicative and cultural, individual and group behavior. 

In addition, anthologies can take on a theoretical or topological approach, by focusing on ongoing debates on the mode, tempo and scale of evolution; the units, levels, mechanisms and hierarchies of evolution; the relation between physics, chemistry, biology and ecology; convergence and divergence between biological and  sociocultural evolution; or the implementation of evolutionary theories into biomedical sciences.

Finally, the series provides a possible outlet for anthologies that focus on specific methodologies, simulation and modeling techniques that enable the crossing of disciplinary boundaries. 

For more information, or if you are interested in publishing an anthology for the series, you can send inquiries to the Editor-in-Chief, Nathalie Gontier (nlgontier[at]

Please note that the series does not publish monographs.