Sustainability in Plant and Crop Protection

Book Series
There are 8 volumes in this series
Published 2015 - 2018

About this series

The series describes new perspectives recently developed in pest and disease management, based on innovative tools emerging from basic and applied research. The volumes will aim at interested readers involved in plant protection and crop management, for whom soil biodiversity, crop sustainability and, in general, organic approaches are fundamental. Different cropping systems will be treated by researchers involved in cutting edge studies worldwide. A number of basic issues including sustainability, life-cycle assessment, evolution, plant nutrition and organic cropping technologies will provide a common framework, within which different components of the crop production cycle will be focused on. These will range from roots and endophytes to pest and disease control, through the management of soil microbiome and fertility. These issues will be examined at the field and crop levels, including the effects of invasive species and climate changes on agroecosystems. Recent advancements in massive sequencing will represent the basis of dedicated volumes, dealing with transcriptomics and related approaches. They will illustrate the potentials and benefits of extensive DNA and RNA data analyses and studies, for practical purposes in crop protection, disease management and food production.