Mathematics Education in the Digital Era

Book Series
There are 14 volumes in this series
Published 2013 - 2019

About this series

The Mathematics Education in the Digital Era (MEDE) series explores ways in which digital technologies support mathematics teaching and the learning of Net Gen’ers, paying attention also to educational debates. Each volume will address one specific issue in mathematics education (e.g., visual mathematics and cyber-learning; inclusive and community based e-learning; teaching in the digital era), in an attempt to explore fundamental assumptions about teaching and learning mathematics in the presence of digital technologies. This series aims to attract diverse readers including: researchers in mathematics education, mathematicians, cognitive scientists and computer scientists, graduate students in education, policy-makers, educational software developers, administrators and teachers-practitioners.

Among other things, the high quality scientific work published in this series will address questions related to the suitability of pedagogies and digital technologies for new generations of mathematics students. The series will also provide readers with deeper insight into how innovative teaching and assessment practices emerge, make their way into the classroom, and shape the learning of young students who have grown up with technology. The series will also look at how to bridge theory and practice to enhance the different learning styles of today’s students and turn their motivation and natural interest in technology into an additional support for meaningful mathematics learning. The series provides the opportunity for the dissemination of findings that address the effects of digital technologies on learning outcomes and their integration into effective teaching practices; the potential of mathematics educational software for the transformation of instruction and curricula; and the power of the e-learning of mathematics, as inclusive and community-based, yet personalized and hands-on. 

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Forthcoming titles:

Expected mid-2021 

Teaching Mathematics and Financial Education - Research and Practice
Edited by Annie Savard and Alexandre Soares Cavalcante 

15 Years of Mathematics Education and it Connections to the Arts and Sciences
Edited by Claus Michelsen, Astrid Berckman, Victor Freiman, Uffe Thomas Jankvist and Annie Savard

Expected early 2022

Mathematics Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Edited by Philipe R. Richard, M. Pilar Velez and Steven van Vaerenbergh

Mathematical Work in Educational Content
Edited by Alain Kuzniak, Elizabeth Montoya-Delgadillo and Philippe R. Richard

Quantitative Reasoning in Mathematics and Science Education
Edited by Gülseren Karagöz Akar, İsmail Özgür Zembat, Selahattin Arslan and Patrick W. Thompson

The Evolution of Research on Teaching Mathematics
Edited by Agida Manizade, Nils Fredrik Buchholtz and Kim Beswick

Expected mid-2022

Mathematical Competencies in the Digital Era
Edited by Uffe Thomas Jankvist and Eirini Geraniou