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Water Management in Petroleum Industries

  • Provides roadmap for sustainable development and growth of petroleum industry with respect to water usage and discharge

  • Discusses sources of water consumed by petroleum production and processing

  • Highlights new innovations in effluent treatment processes and technologies for reuse

Part of the book series: Water Resources Development and Management (WRDM)

About this book

This book provides a roadmap for sustainable development and growth of petroleum industry with respect to water usage and discharge. Water and energy are intricately tied with each other. As a major source of conventional energy, petroleum industries—upstream, midstream, and downstream—are collectively large consumers of water. Increasing water stress in major parts of the world has made the industry aware of the impact of usable water on different sectors of petroleum industry, e.g., exploration and production, refining and fuel processing, and petrochemicals. Treatment of wastewater effluents to maximize reuse is becoming a primary objective of the industry. This coupled with the need to minimize discharge of contaminants in the effluents that affect human and aquatic life, and the environment at large at reasonable cost is emerging as an important consideration facing the petroleum industry for its sustainable development and growth in the future decades.

This book discusses in detail:

  • Sources of water consumed by petroleum production and processing, and wastewater produced
  • Health and environmental effects of chemical contained in effluent streams
  • Effluent treatment processes—current and new innovations, and technologies for reuse


  • Petroleum exploration
  • Petroleum production
  • Petroleum refining
  • Petrochemical production processes
  • Wastewater from petroleum
  • Petroleum wastewater
  • Water treatment processes
  • Water reuse
  • Water-Energy nexus
  • Sustainable petroleum Industry
  • Wastewater treatment

Editors and Affiliations

  • Headworks International, Houston, USA

    Somnath Basu

  • Associate Vice President, Global Practice & Technology Leader in Sustainability & Wastewater, Houston, USA

    Andrew R. Shaw

  • Process and Energy Consultant, Andover, USA

    Mudumbai Venkatesh

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