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Structure Near the K^{-}+p+p Threshold in the In-flight ^3He(K^{-},Lambda p)n Reaction


  • Nominated as an outstanding Ph.D. thesis by the Department of Physics, Kyoto University

  • Presents the first experimental demonstration of K¯NN bound states

  • Provides valuable information on the cutting-edge J-PARC E15 experiment

Part of the book series: Springer Theses (Springer Theses)

About this book

This book presents an experiment at J-PARC E15 experiment, which explores an strangeness S = -1 dibaryonic state in the 1.0GeV/c K beam on a Helium-3 target, together with the first demonstration of multi-nucleon absorption processes of K in in-flight reactions. The book describes the successful identification of two components using the Dalitz plot of Kppn → Λ+p+n events. One is widely and uniformly distributed in the three-body phase space, which provides the first evidence of genuine three-nucleon absorption following the three-body phase space. The second is concentrated at specific neutron energy in the forward direction in a low momentum transfer to the Λp system, which is found to imply a weakly bound NN state.

Providing an overview of the J-PARC apparatus, beam line, detectors and data acquisition system, it is a valuable source for the readers interested in large-scale accelerator facilities. Further, it comprehensively reviews the data analysis to offer insights into how the dibaryonic states are experimentally demonstrated.


  • J-PARC E15
  • Kaonic Nuclei
  • Kaon Nuclear Bound State
  • Dibaryon
  • Kpp Production
  • Three-nucleon Absorption Process
  • Anti-kaon Bound State with Two Nuclei

Authors and Affiliations

  • RCNP, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan

    Yuta Sada

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