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Enhanced Microbial and Chemical Catalysis in Bio-electrochemical Systems


  • Develops universal methods of enhancing microbial electron transfer at the anode and elucidates the mechanisms behind this enhancement

  • Fabricates nanostructured materials to cathodically catalyze the oxygen reduction reaction and for contaminant detoxification

  • Demonstrates an energy-saving wastewater treatment system by integrating a biocathode microbial fuel cell into the activated sludge process

Part of the book series: Springer Theses (Springer Theses)

About this book

This study enhances microbial and chemical catalyses in bioelectrochemical systems (BESs) by designing and manufacturing new materials, elucidating the catalytic mechanisms, and applying them in wastewater treatment.

As a novel environmental biotechnology, BESs can be used for treating wastewater and generating power, producing value-added products, and detoxifying contaminants. However, the catalytic efficiency of the electrode reaction is low these systems. 


  • Bio-electrochemical System
  • Catalytical Oxygen Reduction
  • Electron Transfer
  • In Situ Spectroelectrochemistry
  • Lectron Transfer Mediator
  • Wastewater Treatment

Authors and Affiliations

  • CAS Key Lab Urban Pollu Conv,sch Chem Ma, University of Sci & Technol of China CAS Key Lab Urban Pollu Conv,sch Chem Ma, Phoenix, USA

    Xian-Wei Liu

About the author

Dr. Xian-Wei Liu

Doctor of Philosophy, Chemistry

University of Science & Technology of China

Department of Chemistry

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