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Comprehensive Asymmetric Catalysis

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  • Sep 2003
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  • The only comprehensive and critical coverage of catalytic methods for the preparation of chiral compounds, required for pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, flavors and fragrances, etc.

  • The principal reference source for the use and further development of economic and environmental sound synthetic methods

  • The supplement re-establishes the state-of-the-art in the field

  • Includes supplementary material:

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About this book

Now including Supplement 1 

Comprehensive Asymmetric Catalysis comprehensively and critically reviews methods for the catalytic preparation of chiral organic compounds. This major reference set presents the state of the art in this area. The internationally acclaimed editors and the contributors, who are recognized experts in the field, guarantee the authoritative and timely coverage. This set is not only the principal reference source for synthetic organic chemists, but also for all scientific researchers who require chiral compounds in their work (for example in biochemical investigations and molecular medicine) as well as for pharmaceutical chemists, agricultural chemists and other industrial researchers who prepare chiral compounds. Since the publication of the first edition 1999 research rapidly went on. These results are summarised in the first supplement which is added to the three volume bookset.


Editors and Affiliations

  • Harvard University Dept. Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Cambridge, USA

    Eric N. Jacobsen

  • Universität Basel Inst. Organische Chemie, Basel, Switzerland

    Andreas Pfaltz

  • University of Chicago Dept. Chemistry, Chicago, USA

    Hisashi Yamamoto

Bibliographic Information

  • Book Title: Comprehensive Asymmetric Catalysis

  • Editors: Eric N. Jacobsen, Andreas Pfaltz, Hisashi Yamamoto

  • Publisher: Springer Berlin, Heidelberg

  • Copyright Information: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 1999

  • Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-540-00554-4Due: 22 October 2003

  • Edition Number: 1

  • Number of Pages: LXXVIII, 1856

  • Topics: Organic Chemistry, Biomedicine, general, Food Science, Biochemistry, general

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