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James Serrin. Selected Papers

  • The two books contain a collection of challenging papers in nonlinear partial differential equations

  • These papers develop the skills for doing research in nonlinear analysis and applied functional analysis

  • They include incisive explanations of many important ideas in the development of some major research areas in the last few decades

  • The work provides an interesting and valuable historical account of important ideas and techniques

Part of the book series: Contemporary Mathematicians (CM)

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About this book

These two volumes present the collected works of James Serrin. He has done seminal work on a number of the basic tools needed for the study of solutions of partial differential equations. Many of them have been and are being applied to solving problems in science and engineering. Among the areas which he studied are maximum principle methods and related phenomena such as Harnack's inequality, the compact support principle, dead cores and bursts, free boundary problems, phase transitions, the symmetry of solutions, boundary layer theory, singularities, and fine regularity properties. The volumes include commentaries by leading mathematicians to indicate the significance of the articles, and to discuss further developments along the lines of these articles.


  • James Serrin
  • applied functional analysis
  • nonlinear analysis


From the book reviews:

“The selected works of James Serrin are published in a two-volumes set. … these two nice, elegant and well-prepared volumes represent a part of the scientific inheritance in the domain of PDEs and their applications … . The selected papers are of interest not only to specialists in the domain of PDEs but also for a wider audience of Ph.D. students, physicists, and engineers as well.” (Petar Popivanov, zbMATH, Vol. 1304, 2015)

Editors and Affiliations

  • Università Perugia Dipto. Matematica, Perugia, Italy

    Patrizia Pucci

  • University of Craiova Fac. Mathematics & Computer Science, Craiova, Romania

    Vicentiu D. Radulescu

  • School of Mathematics, 510 Vincent Hall, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA

    Hans Weinberger

Bibliographic Information

  • Book Title: James Serrin. Selected Papers

  • Editors: Patrizia Pucci, Vicentiu D. Radulescu, Hans Weinberger

  • Series Title: Contemporary Mathematicians

  • Publisher: Birkhäuser Basel

  • Copyright Information: 0b01e83280c78fe2 2014

  • Series ISSN: 0884-7037

  • Edition Number: 1

  • Number of Pages: XXX, 1718

  • Number of Illustrations: 18 illustrations in colour

  • Topics: History of Mathematical Sciences

Buying options

Hardcover Book USD 219.99
Price excludes VAT (USA)