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Identity of Capability

The Emotional Aspects of Complex Learning Disorders


  • Provides the reader with a better understanding regarding emotional aspects of learning disorders

  • Presents The Three-Step Approach to building an identity of capability

  • Provides tools for empowering teaching through case studies and lively examples

Part of the book series: Springer Texts in Education (SPTE)

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About this book

This textbook focuses upon understanding the importance of building an identity of capability as a means of growth, giving, and living a rich and satisfying personal and interpersonal life for people with complex learning disorders. Through this book, teachers will gain a greater understanding of the emotional world of these students and will be able to ‘tune in’ and build trust.  

The volume presents tools for facilitating ‘empowered teaching’ which supports teachers to create a learning climate that will enable students with complex learning disorders to build trust, gain understanding, and promote development.  Establishing an identity of capability will enable students in general, and adults with complex learning disabilities in particular, to identify their true strongpoints, to conceptualize them, and to place them at the forefront of their self-image.

The text provides many lively examples for empowering teaching and for implementing the principles of intervention and teaching to students with complex learning disorders as presented in the book.  It offers a revision of the teacher’s role and tools for creating an accepting climate within the class that will enhance learning processes.


  • Identity of capability
  • cognitive accessibility in academia
  • Empowering teaching
  • Academic inclusion
  • Complex learning disorders emotions
  • Complex learning disabilities
  • Identity and complex learning disabilities
  • Emotional aspects of learning disorders
  • Cognitively accessible academic learning

Authors and Affiliations

  • The Inclusive University & Knowledge Management, Beit Issie Shapiro, Ra'anana, Israel

    Benjamin Hozmi

About the author

Benjamin Hozmi holds a doctorate in social work and is a lecturer, researcher, author in the field of disabilities, and the editor of “Shikum” (Rehabilitation), the publication of the Association of Rehabilitation Social Workers.   He has been an instructor in the academia for the past 30 years and is currently the Academic Director at Beit Issie Shapiro.  His work is based on humanist approaches.  During the past 20 years he developed the Three Step Approach for establishing an identity of capability that is described in this book.

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Buying options

Softcover Book USD 89.99
Price excludes VAT (USA)
This title has not yet been released. You will be able to pre-order it soon.