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Discourses of Globalisation, Multiculturalism and Cultural Identity

  • Demonstrates ideological imperatives of globalisation, and discourses multiculturalism and cultural identity

  • Evaluates the nexus between globalisation, and discourses multiculturalism and cultural identity globally

  • Provides education policy analysis on shifts in education, discourses multiculturalism and cultural identity globally

Part of the book series: Globalisation, Comparative Education and Policy Research (GCEP, volume 29)

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About this book

This book examines dominant discourses in multiculturalism and cultural identity globally. It critiques dominant discourses and debates pertaining to multiculturalism and cultural identity, set against the current backdrop of growing social stratification and unequal access to quality education. It addresses current discourses concerning globalisation, ideologies and the state, as well as approaches to constructing national, ethnic and religious identities in the global culture. It explores the ambivalent and problematic connections between the state, globalisation, and the construction of cultural identity. 

The book also explores conceptual frameworks and methodological approaches applicable to research on the state, globalisation, multiculturalism and identity politics. Drawing on diverse paradigms, ranging from critical theory to globalisation, the book, by focusing on globalisation, ideology and cultural identity, critically examines recent research dealing with cultural diversity and its impact of identity politics. 

Given the need for a multiple perspective approach, the authors, who have diverse backgrounds and hail from different countries and regions, offer a wealth of insights, contributing to a more holistic understanding of the nexus between multiculturalism and national identity. With contributions from key scholars worldwide, the book should be required reading for a broad spectrum of users, including policy-makers, academics, graduate students, education policy researchers, administrators, and practitioners.


  • Comparative Education
  • Critical Theory and education
  • Cultural Capital and education
  • Democracy in education
  • Discourse Analysis in education
  • Discourses of Globalisation in education
  • Globalisation and education
  • Human Rights Education
  • Human Rights Education Policy
  • Human Rights Education Reforms
  • Ideology and education
  • Neo-Liberalism and education
  • Social Justice and education

Editors and Affiliations

  • Fac. of Edu. & Arts, School of Edu., Australian Catholic University, East Melbourne, Australia

    Joseph Zajda

  • Department of Education, Ariel University, Ariel, Israel

    Nitza Davidovitch

  • The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

    Suzanne Majhanovich

About the editors

Joseph Zajda is a Professor at the Faculty of Education and Arts, Australian Catholic University (Melbourne Campus). He specialises in globalisation and education policy reforms, social justice, history education and values education. He has written and edited 45 books and over 150 book chapters and articles on globalisation and education policy, higher education and curriculum reforms. He is also the editor of the 24-volume book series Globalisation, Comparative Education and Policy Research (Springer, 2009 & 2021). Recent publications include: Zajda, J (Ed). (2020a). Globalisation, ideology and neo-liberal higher education reform. Dordrecht:  Springer. Zajda, J. (Ed). (2020b). Human rights education globally. Dordrecht:  Springer. Zajda, J. (Ed). (2020c). Globalisation, Ideology and Education Reforms:  Emerging paradigms. Dordrecht:  Springer; Zajda, J. (2018). He is an elected fellow of the Australian College of Educators (FACE).

Prof. Nitza Davidovitch currently serves in teaching and administrative positions at the Ariel University, and is a leading team member of a large-scale international research project on delegations of high school students and others trips to Holocaust sites in Poland. Her area of interest include academic curriculum development; development of academic instruction; Holocaust awareness and Jewish identity; director of student exchange programs with Germany and Poland; preservation of the heritage of Jewish sects; and moral education. She is former member of the steering committee on moral education and curriculum development at CET.

Suzanne Majhanovich (Western University) is Professor Emerita and Adjunct Research Professor at the Faculty of Education, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada. She has published numerous articles and edited books, and has guest-edited (with different others) five special issues of the International Review of Education. Her research interests include globalization, internationalization and education restructuring, as well as first and second language acquisition and the teaching of English and French in international contexts. She was the senior author of the French text series En français s’il vous plait and also worked at times on contract for the Ministry of Education developing curriculum guidelines for French as a Second Language and International Languages. She has been active in the Ontario Modern Language Teachers’ Association and was awarded a Life Membership in 2000. Before joining a faculty of education, she taught secondary school French as a Second Language and German. She co-edited the special issue of the International Review of Education: Journal of Lifelong Learning  (with Diane Napier and Norberto Fernández Lamarra), “New Times, New Voices” based on selected papers from the thematic group on Higher/adult Education of the 2013 WCCES in Buenos Aires, which appeared as volume 60(4) 2014. Professor Majhanovich also co-edited several volumes on Comparative Education for Sense Publishers. In June, 2013 she was honoured to receive the David N. Wilson Award for contributions to Comparative and International Education from the Comparative and International Education Society Canada (CIESC) at the annual meeting in Victoria BC.

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Buying options

Hardcover Book USD 149.99
Price excludes VAT (USA)
This title has not yet been released. You will be able to pre-order it soon.