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Biotic Regulation of the Environment

Key Issues of Global Change

  • Examines complex key issues of global change as they are affected by the biosphere

  • The first quantitative estimation of the threshold of ecological stability the Earth's biota, environment and climate in respect to anthropogenic influence

Part of the book series: Springer Praxis Books (PRAXIS)

Part of the book sub series: Environmental Sciences (ENVIRONSCI)

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About this book

It is not possible to understand the apparent stability of the Earth's climate and environment unless we can fully understand how the best possible environmental conditions may be maintained for life to exist. Human colonization of areas with natural biota, for industrial or agricultural activities, will lead to degradation of those natural communities and violation of the BRE (biotic regulation of the environment) principle.
Thus to maintain an environment on Earth that is suitable for life it is necessary to preserve and allow the natural recovery of natural biotic communities, both in the oceans and on land. This book is devoted to a quantitative version of the BRE concept, and is built on a foundation of modern scientific knowledge accumulated in the fields of physics and biology.


  • Atmospheric physics
  • ecology
  • environment

Bibliographic Information

  • Book Title: Biotic Regulation of the Environment

  • Book Subtitle: Key Issues of Global Change

  • Authors: Victor Gorshkov, V.V. Gorshkov, A.M. Makarieva

  • Series Title: Springer Praxis Books

  • Publisher: Springer London

  • Copyright Information: Springer-Verlag London 2000

  • Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-85233-181-8Published: 14 June 2000

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  • Number of Pages: XII, 368

  • Additional Information: Jointly published with Praxis Publishing, UK

  • Topics: Earth System Sciences, Conservation Biology

Buying options

Hardcover Book USD 249.99
Price excludes VAT (USA)