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Handbook of Remote Biometrics

For Surveillance and Security

  • Fully updated and enhanced new edition

  • Presents a range of perspectives on biometrics for surveillance and remote data acquisition

  • Provides a focus on acquiring data from a distance, and on processing low-resolution and in-motion data

  • Examines distributed computing and embedded computing for surveillance biometrics

Part of the book series: Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (ACVPR)

About this book

This comprehensive and innovative handbook covers several aspects of biometrics from the perspective of recognizing individuals at a distance, in motion, and under a surveillance scenario. The book presents both a broad coverage and an in-depth investigation into the most advanced biometric technologies for recognition at a distance, with applications in areas such as border control, surveillance in critical infrastructures, and ambient intelligence.


  • Iris Recognition
  • Gait Recognition
  • Touchless Fingerprint Recognition
  • Face Recognition
  • Multibiometric Systems
  • Biometrics Ethics and Policy
  • Biometric Recognition at a Distance

Editors and Affiliations

  • Universit√† Sassari, Alghero, Italy

    Massimo Tistarelli

  • Chinese Academy of Science Institute of Automation, Beijing, China

    Stan Z. Li

  • University of Maryland, College Park, USA

    Rama Chellappa

About the editors

Dr. Massimo Tistarelli is a Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Architecture and Planning at the University of Sassari, Italy.

Dr. Stan Z. Li is a Professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Director of the Center for Biometrics and Security Research, at the Institute of Automation, Beijing, China.

Dr. Rama Chellappa is the Minta Martin Professor of Engineering and the Director of the Center for Automation Research at the University of Maryland, USA.

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