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Food Processing

  • Excellent reference for the food industry

  • Synopsis of an ISEKI workshop

  • Upper level undergraduate or graduate level textbook

Part of the book series: Integrating Food Science and Engineering Knowledge Into the Food Chain (ISEKI-Food, volume 7)

About this book

Food processing is the set of methods and techniques used to transform raw ingredients into food or to transform food into other forms for consumption by humans or animals either in the home or by the food processing industry. Food processing typically takes clean, harvested crops or slaughtered and butchered animal products and uses these to produce attractive, marketable and often long-life food products.

Food Processing aims to be an upper level under graduate or graduate level textbook put together by participants in an ISEKI workshop.  It will also serve as a reference for those in industry.   

Editors and Affiliations

  • Polytechnic of Coimbra, Lisboa, Portugal

    Rui Costa

  • Dept of Food Sciences and Nutrition, University of Malta, Msida, Malta

    Anna McElhatton

  • Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of Bologna, Cesena, Italy

    Marco Dalla Rosa

  • Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

    Anet Rezek Jambrak

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