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Climate Change in the Northwest

Implications for Our Landscapes, Waters, and Communities

  • An essential guidance for decision-makers seeking to better understand how climate variability and change impact the northwest region and its communities

  • Rich in science and case studies, this report sets the stage for making the necessary preparations for climate change

  • The definitive input report on climate change in northwest region of the 2013 National Climate Assessment Critical, state-of-the-art information from a broad range of climate change experts in academia, private industry, state and local governments, NGOs, professional societies, and impacted communities

Part of the book series: NCA Regional Input Reports (NCARIR)

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Table of contents (8 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xl
  2. Introduction

    • Amy K. Snover, Patty Glick, Susan M. Capalbo
    Pages 1-24
  3. Climate

    • Philip W. Mote, John T. Abatzoglou, Kenneth E. Kunkel
    Pages 25-40
  4. Water Resources

    • Rick R. Raymondi, Jennifer E. Cuhaciyan, Patty Glick, Susan M. Capalbo, Laurie L. Houston, Sarah L. Shafer et al.
    Pages 41-66
  5. Coasts

    • W. Spencer Reeder, Peter Ruggiero, Sarah L. Shafer, Amy K. Snover, Laurie L. Houston, Patty Glick et al.
    Pages 67-109
  6. Forest Ecosystems

    • Jeremy S. Littell, Jeffrey A. Hicke, Sarah L. Shafer, Susan M. Capalbo, Laurie L. Houston, Patty Glick
    Pages 110-148
  7. Agriculture

    • Sanford D. Eigenbrode, Susan M. Capalbo, Laurie L. Houston, Jodi Johnson-Maynard, Chad Kruger, Beau Olen
    Pages 149-180
  8. Human Health

    • Jeffrey Bethel, Steven Ranzoni, Susan M. Capalbo
    Pages 181-206
  9. Northwest Tribes

    • Kathy Lynn, Oliver Grah, Preston Hardison, Jennie Hoffman, Ed Knight, Amanda Rogerson et al.
    Pages 207-230

About this book

Prepared for the 2013 National Climate Assessment and a landmark study in terms of its breadth and depth of coverage, Climate Change in the Northwest is the result of collaboration among numerous local, state, federal, and nongovernmental agencies to develop a comprehensive, state of the art look at the effects of climate change on Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.


  • Climate change impacts
  • Historic, current, future climate
  • Pacific Northwest
  • Rising sea level
  • U.S. National Climate Assessment
  • climate change
  • Climate change management
  • marine and freshwater sciences

Editors and Affiliations

  • Oregon State University Coll Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sci OCCRI and Oregon Climate Services, Corvallis, USA

    Meghan M. Dalton, Philip W. Mote

  • University of Washington College of the Environment, JISAO, Seattle, USA

    Amy K. Snover

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