Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest United States

A Report Prepared for the National Climate Assessment

  • Gregg Garfin
  • Angela Jardine
  • Robert Merideth
  • Mary Black
  • Sarah LeRoy
Part of the NCA Regional Input Reports book series (NCARIR)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxii
  2. Summary for Decision Makers

    1. Jonathan Overpeck, Gregg Garfin, Angela Jardine, David E. Busch, Dan Cayan, Michael Dettinger et al.
      Pages 1-20
  3. Context

    1. Gregg Garfin, Angela Jardine, David L. Feldman
      Pages 21-36
    2. David M. Theobald, William R. Travis, Mark A. Drummond, Eric S. Gordon, Michele Betsill
      Pages 37-55
  4. Weather and Climate of the Southwest

    1. W. James Steenburgh, Kelly T. Redmond, Kenneth E. Kunkel, Nolan Doesken, Robert R. Gillies, John D. Horel et al.
      Pages 56-73
    2. Martin P. Hoerling, Michael Dettinger, Klaus Wolter, Jeff Lukas, Jon Eischeid, Rama Nemani et al.
      Pages 74-100
    3. Daniel R. Cayan, Mary Tyree, Kenneth E. Kunkel, Chris Castro, Alexander Gershunov, Joseph Barsugli et al.
      Pages 101-125
    4. Alexander Gershunov, Balaji Rajagopalan, Jonathan Overpeck, Kristen Guirguis, Dan Cayan, Mimi Hughes et al.
      Pages 126-147
  5. Effects of Climate Change in the Southwest

    1. Erica Fleishman, Jayne Belnap, Neil Cobb, Carolyn A. F. Enquist, Karl Ford, Glen MacDonald et al.
      Pages 148-167
    2. Margaret R. Caldwell, Eric H. Hartge, Lesley C. Ewing, Gary Griggs, Ryan P. Kelly, Susanne C. Moser et al.
      Pages 168-196
    3. Bradley Udall, Gregory J. McCabe
      Pages 197-217
    4. George B. Frisvold, Louise E. Jackson, James G. Pritchett, John P. Ritten, Mark Svoboda
      Pages 218-239
    5. Vincent C. Tidwell, Larry Dale, Guido Franco, Kristen Averyt, Max Wei, Daniel M. Kammen et al.
      Pages 240-266
    6. Stephanie Pincetl, Guido Franco, Nancy B. Grimm, Terri S. Hogue, Sara Hughes, Eric Pardyjak et al.
      Pages 267-296
    7. Deb A. Niemeier, Anne V. Goodchild, Maura Rowell, Joan L. Walker, Jane Lin, Lisa Schweitzer et al.
      Pages 297-311
    8. Heidi E. Brown, Andrew C. Comrie, Deborah M. Drechsler, Christopher M. Barker, Rupa Basu, Timothy Brown et al.
      Pages 312-339
    9. Margaret Wilder, Gregg Garfin, Paul Ganster, Hallie Eakin, Patricia Romero-Lankao, Francisco Lara-Valencia et al.
      Pages 340-384
    10. Margaret Hiza Redsteer, Kirk Bemis, Karletta Chief, Mahesh Gautam, Beth Rose Middleton, Rebecca Tsosie et al.
      Pages 385-404
  6. Options and Research Needs

    1. Diana Liverman, Susanne C. Moser, Paul S. Weiland, Lisa Dilling, Maxwell T. Boykoff, Heidi E. Brown et al.
      Pages 405-435
    2. Kristen Averyt, Levi D. Brekke, David E. Busch, Laurna Kaatz, Leigh Welling, Eric H. Hartge et al.
      Pages 436-461

About this book


Prepared for the 2013 National Climate Assessment and a landmark study in terms of its breadth and depth of coverage, this report blends the contributions of 120 experts in climate science, economics, ecology, engineering, geography, hydrology, planning, resources management, and other disciplines to provide the most comprehensive, and understandable, analysis to date about climate and its effects on the people and landscapes of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah—including the U.S.-Mexico border region and the lands of Native Nations.

What is the climate of the Southwest like today? What has it been like in the past, and how is it projected to change over the 21st century? How will that affect water resources, ecosystems, agricultural production, energy supply and delivery, transportation, human health, and a host of other areas? How vulnerable is the region to climate change? What else do we need to know about it, and how can we limit its adverse effects?

In addressing these and other questions, the book offers decision makers and stakeholders a substantial basis from which to make informed choices that will affect the well-being of the region’s inhabitants in the decades to come.


Climate change Drought Fire Sea-level rise Southwest United States

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  • Angela Jardine
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  • Robert Merideth
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  • Mary Black
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  • Sarah LeRoy
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