Fibre production in South American camelids and other fibre animals

  • Editors
  • Ma Ángeles Pérez-Cabal
  • Juan Pablo Gutiérrez
  • Isabel Cervantes
  • Ma Jesús Alcalde

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-11
  2. Setting the scene: animal fibre

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 13-13
    2. D. Allain, B. Peña, D. Foulquié, Y. Bourdillon, D. François
      Pages 15-24
    3. C. Renieri, A. Valbonesi, M. Antonini, V. La Manna, T. Huanca, N. Apaza et al.
      Pages 25-34
    4. R. Morante, A. Burgos, J. P. Gutiérrez
      Pages 35-40
  3. Meat and fibre production

  4. Breeding and genetics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 85-85
    2. C. Melo, A. Manunza, M. Melo, L. Olivera, M. Amills
      Pages 87-91
    3. C. Bathrachalam, V. La Manna, C. Renieri, A. La Terza
      Pages 93-96
    4. K. A. Bindu, K. C. Raghavan, S. Antony
      Pages 97-106
    5. L. Varona, I. Cervantes, M. A. Pérez-Cabal, R. Morante, A. Burgos, J. P. Gutiérrez
      Pages 107-110
    6. J. Barreta, V. Iñiguez, R. J. Sarno, B. Gutiérrez-Gil, J. J. Arranz
      Pages 123-130
    7. K. A. Bindu, Arun Raveendran, Siby Antony, K. V. Raghunandanan
      Pages 131-133
    8. M. S. Daverio, F. Di Rocco, L. Vidal Rioja
      Pages 135-139
    9. M. I. Carretero, C. C. Arraztoa, C. I. Casaretto, W. Huanca, D. M. Neild, M. S. Giuliano
      Pages 141-144
    10. L. Alfonso, J. Buritica, R. Quispe, I. Quicaño
      Pages 145-150
    11. V. La Manna, A. La Terza, S. Dharaneedharan, S. Ghezzi, S. Arumugam Saravanaperumal, N. Apaza et al.
      Pages 151-159
    12. M. Paredes, J. Machaca, P. J. Azor, A. Alonso-Moraga, A. Membrillo, A. Muñoz-Serrano
      Pages 161-166
  5. Nutrition and reproduction

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 167-167
    2. A. Prágai, A. K. Molnár, J. Pekli, R. Veprik, GY. Huszár, Á. Bodnár
      Pages 177-183
  6. Management

  7. Health

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 215-215
    2. D. Cid, C. Martín-Espada, L. Maturrano, A. García, L. Luna, R. Rosadio
      Pages 223-228
  8. Abstracts

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 229-229
    2. C. Schulz, K. Amort, M. Gauly, M. Kramer, K. Koehler
      Pages 232-232
  9. Round tables

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 229-229
    2. Martína Gerken, Daniel Allain, Renzo Morante, Susan Tellez, Julieta von Thüngen, Annegret Klinkert et al.
      Pages 237-239
    3. Edgar Quispe, Ma Dolores Cid Vázquez, Calogero Stelletta, Ilona Gunsser, Wilfredo Huanca, Edgar Quispe et al.
      Pages 241-241

About this book


This book, 'Fibre production in South American camelids and other fibre animals', covers the latest advances in the main fields of animals producing fibre. It deals with a wide scope of fibre animals and a great variety of subjects and is supported by the Animal Fibre Working Group belonging to the European Association of Animal Production. The book can be considered a valuable attempt to prepare the fibre production sector for rapid changes and innovations arising within a globalised world. The focus lies on fibre animals such as alpacas, llamas, vicunas and guanacos, but recent research on sheep, goats and rabbits is also included. The most important themes addressed are meat and fibre production, breeding and genetics, nutrition, reproduction, management, and health. Finally, the book closes with specialised discussions on fibre production related topics, which for example provide a more in-depth look at common management denominators between South American camelids and other fibre animals.

The book addresses scientists, professionals, technicians, farmers, specialised governmental policy makers and students all around the world who are involved in fibre animal production (such as sheep, camelids, goats, or rabbits). This book will present them with the most current findings in this area.

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