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In Situ Hybridization Protocols


Part of the book series: Methods in Molecular Biology (MIMB, volume 123)

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Table of contents (21 protocols)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xiv
  2. Chromosomal Techniques

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 1-1
    2. Preparation of Human Partial Chromosome Paints from Somatic Cell Hybrids

      • Nicoletta Archidiacono, Rosalia Marzella, Cosma Spalluto, Margherita Pennacchia, Luigi Viggiano, Mariano Rocchi
      Pages 3-13
    3. DNA-Protein In Situ Covisualization for Chromosome Analysis

      • Henry H. Q. Heng, Barbara Spyropoulos, Peter B. Moens
      Pages 15-27
    4. In Situ Hybridization to Polytene Chromosomes

      • Robert D. C. Saunders
      Pages 103-113
    5. Comparative Gene Mapping in Exotic Species Using FISH

      • Stephen A. Wilcox, Roland Toder, Pino Maccarone, Jennifer A. Marshall-Graves
      Pages 115-127
  3. Tissue Techniques

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 129-129
    2. In Situ End-Labeling of Fragmented DNA and the Localization of Apoptosis

      • Tim D. Hewitson, Teresa Bisucci, Ian A. Darby
      Pages 157-164
    3. Combined Immunohistochemical Labeling and In Situ Hybridization to Colocalize mRNA and Protein in Tissue Sections

      • Malcolm D. Smith, Angela Parker, Riyani Wikaningrum, Mark Coleman
      Pages 165-175
    4. Signal Amplification for DNA and mRNA

      • Ernst J. M. Speel, Anton H. N. Hopman, Paul Komminoth
      Pages 195-216
    5. In Situ Hybridization for Electron Microscopy

      • Ross F. Waller, Geoffrey I. McFadden
      Pages 259-277

About this book

InIn Situ Hybridization Protocols, 2nd Edition, Ian Darby updates the highly successful 1st edition with a full panoply of new and greatly augmented state-of-the-art techniques. This valuable new edition contains basic and advanced in situ hybridization techniques-many not covered in the first edition-and includes protocols for in situ hybridization of whole-mount embryo specimens, in situ hybridization at the electron microscope level, in situ detection of DNA fragmentation in apoptosis, localization of genes to particular chromosomes, and the use of DNA or RNA probes to detect expression in cells or tissue sections. Each protocol provides detailed, easy-to-follow instructions, along with realistic commentaries on how to vary their application and how to troubleshoot problems that arise.
Prepared by leading investigators who have daily worked with the techniques, fine-tuning them for reliability, In Situ Hybridization Protocols, 2nd Edition, offers a completely updated and extended collection of proven and readily reproducible methods suitable for both the novice and experienced investigator. Its state-of-the-art protocols constitute the new standard methods resource in the field, one that will enable researchers successfully to enhance and improve their current experimental repertoire .


  • DNA
  • FISH
  • PCR
  • RNA
  • Tumor
  • apoptosis
  • biology
  • chromosome
  • electron microscopy
  • gene expression
  • genes
  • hybridization
  • microscopy
  • molecular biology
  • tissue


From Reviews of the First Edition by Andy Choo. . .

". . .a very helpful manual. . .essential for any laboratory that is using or wants to use the in situ hybridization technique in their repertoire."
--Molecular Biotechnology

" . . .a good book for anyone wishing to exploit all that in situ hybridization has to offer."
-- Biopharm Manufacturing
Reviews for Second Edition...
"This book should be of interest to anyone using or considering in situ hybridization, as it provides well written, if rather specialized, examples of the many applications of this extremely useful but notoriously tricky technique...The text is well referenced and includes useful details of reagent suppliers as well as links to further information available over the internet. This is a book that aims to make in situ hybridization accessible to all, and to inspire new applications for the technique. In my opinion, it does a reasonably sound job of both."-Heredity

"This book is well written and easy to follow and almost all different applications of the in situ hybridization techniques are covered in this volume...highly recommended..." - Cell Biology International

Editors and Affiliations

  • RMIT University Bundoora, Victoria, Australia

    Ian A. Darby

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  • Series Title: Methods in Molecular Biology

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  • Copyright Information: Humana Press 2000

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  • Edition Number: 2

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