The Emergence of Greater China

The Economic Integration of Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

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  • Yun-Wing Sung

Part of the Studies on the Chinese Economy book series (STCE)

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    Pages 41-72
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    Pages 73-108
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    Pages 109-136
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    Pages 137-162
  6. Yun-Wing Sung
    Pages 179-209
  7. Yun-Wing Sung
    Pages 210-222
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 223-236

About this book


The fusion of know-how and capital from Hong Kong and Taiwan with the substantial labour resources on China has led to the emergence of a dynamic economy of 'Greater China' rivalling the USA, the European Union and Japan. What is the nature and trend of trade and investment within Greater China? What are the impacts on the world economy? With China's entry into the WTO, what are the problems and prospects of Greater China? These are some of the issues raised within Yun-Wing Sung's book.


China economic integration USA

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