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Teacher Development in Action

Understanding Language Teachers’ Conceptual Change


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Teacher Development in Action offers a rich account of language teachers' engagement with the latest research in second language motivation on a year-long teacher development project. It offers an in-depth analysis of how language teachers mobilize (or not) their vast inner resources when they make sense of new material, and sheds light on why language classrooms do not always become acquisition-rich and motivating environments, even when teachers show great interest in new ideas and find them highly relevant to their practice.

Drawing on a grounded theory ethnographic study of EFL teachers in Slovakia, this book, now in paperback, breaks new theoretical ground in the language teacher cognition domain and weaves together findings from field notes, classroom observations and interviews into an integrated model of Language Teacher Conceptual Change (LTCC). The new insights into the complex and dynamic nature of teacher development constitute an original contribution to the field of applied linguistics and have significant implications for second language teacher education and development.


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About the authors

Maggie Kubanyiova is Senior Lecturer in Educational Linguistics in the School of Education, University of Birmingham, UK. Her research interests concern language teacher development, second language learning and classroom interaction, classroom pedagogy and ecological approaches to research. Her recent book Motivating Learners, Motivating Teachers: Building Vision in the Language Classroom (Co-authored with Zoltán Dörnyei, 2014) was highly commended for the HRH the Duke of Edinburgh English Language Book Award.

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Dealing initially with stories of 'failure,' Teacher Development in Action is not a book on defeat, but as Kubanyiova herself claims, is one on hope. It is a steady step forward toward success.' - Studies in Language Learning and Teaching
'This is a courageous book. Rather than trumpeting a success story, it documents and analyses the 'failure' of a project designed to radically restructure teachers' conceptual understanding of their teaching." - English Teaching Professional
"This book breaks new ground by describing the teacher change process using a new theoretical model…. [It] is a thoroughly researched impressive book which adds greatly to both conceptual change theory and to the case study literature on language teacher development." - BAAL News