China's Economic Growth: Towards Sustainable Economic Development and Social Justice

Volume II: The Impact of Economic Policies on the Quality of Life

  • John Joshua

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This two-volume book addresses the economic transformation occurring in China at present. The author investigates China's domestic and international policies, the impact of these policies on economic growth, and their effect on the quality of life for the people of China. In the first volume, the author distinguishes between economic growth and sustainable economic development, and discusses China's current and past economic policies towards growth. Chapters also explore the structural transformation of China's economy and its increasingly consumer-oriented nature. The second volume looks more specifically at the result of domestic policies on the quality of life for people living in China. The author examines the distribution of income, the alleviation of poverty, the Chinese education system, and the environmental cost of economic growth. These volumes will be of particular interest to researchers and scholars concerned with China's emerging economic power.


Rural-urban income gap Dual economy Chinese education system Distribution of income Environmental policy China's urbanisation Economic Development economic growth economics growth human rights social justice social science

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