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Successful Global Leadership

Frameworks for Cross-Cultural Managers and Organizations


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About this book


This book provides practical frameworks for anyone hoping to become a successful global leader, and outlines the challenges that international firms face when managing across cultures. It highlights the cognitive, affective, and behavioral actions leaders can take to understand the differences between foreign values and traditions, and how to develop a corporate environment where global leadership can thrive.
Drawing on the latest research findings, interviews with executives, and the author’s own teaching and consulting experience, this book emphasizes the need to adopt a cultural intelligence that embraces flexibility, openness, curiosity, and empathy. It provides advice and guidance on how to develop universal people management skills and navigate language barriers to avoid cross-cultural miscommunication. This multi-disciplinary book is essential reading for students and researchers of international business and management, I/O psychology, and organizations hoping to interact effectively with employees and clients across borders.


Cross-cultural management cultural self-awareness cultural intelligence cultural sensitivity emerging markets global managers growth mindset human resources strategy high-performance organizations international business leadership development learning agility matrix management national culture performance management psychological distance succession planning talent strategy teamwork virtual teams consulting leadership organization organizations research science and technology success

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About the authors

Ramon (Ray) Henson, PhD, is Founder and President of Henson Consulting International and Lecturer in Rutgers Business School’s MBA programs in the United States, China, and Singapore. He has over 30 years of global business experience as a psychologist, management consultant, and former executive with Citibank, Merrill Lynch, Avon Products, and Merck & Co. He is also a consulting partner with Organisation Solutions Pte Ltd, and a consulting team member of the Center for Organizational Design.

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“By bringing together the most current and relevant research findings on cross-cultural management and lessons learned by practicing managers from different countries, this multi-disciplinary book will be indispensable to students, managers and executives who are seeking a real hands-on "guide-book" to the global mindset and what it means to be a truly transnational company. In this hyper-connected global world, one misstep in cross-cultural dynamics could mean the end of a possible business relationship!  The author leverages a wealth of knowledge from his teaching, consulting and global business experiences.” (Farrokh Langdana, PhD, Professor of Finance and Economics, and Director of the Executive MBA Program, Rutgers Business School, USA)

“As an executive who has lived and worked in many countries, I have experienced first-hand the challenges of leading across cultures. This valuable book not only helps explain these challenges with useful but simple models, but also provides timely and practical advice to anyone who wishes to become a successful global leader.” (Christopher Moore, Business Consultant and Retired Senior Vice President, Merck & Co.)

“Managers from both Western and non-Western cultures face many hurdles when leading individuals and teams with different national and cultural backgrounds. As a Japanese manager working for a global company, I find this book an invaluable guide; especially helpful are the many examples and solutions by the author based on his extensive knowledge and experience having worked in many different countries.” (Motomi Takayama, Regional Senior Service Relationship Manager, ADP Corporation)

“This book is an essential guide to the increasingly important topic of leading in cross-cultural contexts. We experience many cultural differences between our leadership/management practices and those of the leaders we are serving. Ray’s book will make a great contribution to the field of cross-cultural management.” (Roger Allen, Ph.D., Co-Founder of the Center for Organizational Design and Author of The Hero’s Choice)

“Professor Henson taught Global Leadership in Singapore, as part of Rutgers' international executive MBA program. I would summarise his teachings as such - informative, relevant, concise, and expertly delivered. His book results from a deep passion to impart his experience to his readers. I look forward to continuing my learning journey with him through his writing.” (Damien Cheong, General Manager, Asia Pacific, President of class '14/15 EMBA Singapore)

“Students, managers and human resources professionals interested in the cross-cultural challenges that leaders in organizations today face should read this book. The author is especially insightful in identifying those practices that will help individuals improve their global mindset, and organizations in building a global mindset culture.” (Monica Díaz , Vice President, Diversity Inclusion & Wellness, ESPN)

“As a New Zealander working in Asia, I found many of the available resources were limited in their understanding of the excitement and  challenges of working in another culture.  Ray’s book offers many helpful insights and practical advice for all managers and organizations who wish to achieve success globally.” (Penelope Dobson, Principal, Valida Consulting)  

“Ray has over 30 years of global experience working and consulting with corporations around the world, and there is plenty of practical advice and wisdom in this book for anyone who aspires to be a successful global leader.” (Joseph Faranda, PhD, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Consumer Insights, Movado Group Inc.)

Successful Global Leadership provides a practical model for understanding and mastering global context, challenges and cultures for global leadership and offers advice for those currently in roles where they interact with colleagues, business partners and customers from around the world, focused on corporate multinationals and those who aspire to lead them.” (Peter Lorenzi, Professor of Management and International Business, Loyola University Maryland, USA)

“Global leaders are emerging everywhere – in developed economies and emerging markets; in established firms, start-ups and born-global companies. In parallel, technology and global trade are accelerating this process and posing new challenges. This book is a practical and research-based guide for individuals and companies in our increasingly globalized world.” (Antonio Martínez Buehringer, Regional Human Resources Director, Latin America and the Caribbean at ERM: Environmental Resources Management)

“Professor Henson is an experienced consultant and educator whose course in Global Leadership helped me so much, both professionally and personally. In this book, which draws on the latest research, he not only explains global leadership and global mindset clearly but also gives a lot of advice for individuals and corporations. A must-read!” (Isabella Tan, General Manager, Singapore/Brunei/Philippines at Cerebos Pacific Limited)