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The Political Economy of Emerging Markets

Actors, Institutions and Financial Crises in Latin America

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This book takes a cross-disciplinary look at the financial markets of emerging markets in Latin America. The author wants to disassemble the black box that is the financial market: what are the motivations and interests of the various actors, both institutional and individual?; How do these interact with each other?; How does this information help us understand the Mexican crisis in the 90s and the current crisis in Argentina? The author has conducted extensive interviews with brokers, asset managers, economists, strategists, and analysts in the US, UK, Europe, and Latin America, providing significant material for this study.


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About the authors

JAVIER SANTISO, is the Chief Economist for Latin America at the Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria.

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"Javier Santiso accomplishes a great deal in this ambitious volume. He provides a

fascinating historical survey of the turbulent markets providing financial resources to Latin America during the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, and he presents a promising interdisciplinary approach to understanding the dramatic development of those markets. Practitioners, policy-makers, and scholars will find much to interest them here." -Louis Pauly, Director, Center for International Studies, University of Toronto

"Javier Santiso has written a study of international finance that takes seriously the opinions of the financiers themselves. The Political Economy of Emerging Markets provides an engaging overview of the past and present of lending to developing countries. Its core is an interview-based analysis of the origins, character, and implications of sentiment on international financial markets. It will appeal to all those interested in the sources of 'received wisdom' in the international financial system." - Jeffry A. Frieden, Department of Government, Harvard University

"The Political Economy of Emerging Markets is an outstanding blend of political

science and economics: lively, insightful, very readable, it is both thought-provoking and well argued. Dr. Santiso must be praised for having brought

together a wealth of information and told a convincing story"

Marc Flandreau, Professor of Economics Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris,


"Javier Santiso . . . does a superb job in this book of demystifying the world of emerging markets finance." - Miguel Diaz Finance & Development