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Paternalism and Politics

The Revival of Paternalism in Early Nineteenth-Century Britain


Part of the Studies in Modern History book series (SMH)

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This book is about continuity and change in early nineteenth-century Britain. Against the background of an emerging industrial state, the popularization of liberal laissez-faire principles and the rise of a class-based society, it examines the revival of traditional paternal ideals and considers their influence upon the development of social policy. The poor laws, social distress, child labour and factory reform provide a focus for the analysis. The implications of the revival for the emergence of the collective or welfare state is an important theme.


conflict government parliament Policy social policy

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  1. 1.School of Classics, History and ReligionUniversity of New EnglandArmidale, NSWAustralia

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KIM LAWES is currently teaching British and European History in the School of Classics, History and Religion at the University of New England, Armidale, NSW, Australia.

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