And Every Little Thing That Matters

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About this book


We're often told 'Don't sweat the small stuff' but in customer service, author Kate Edwards reminds us that the small stuff is exactly what customers remember and gives them a reason to become regulars. It all starts with 'Hello,' which not only requires a response but also sparks a conversation and initiates a relationship between the client and the business. Maintaining a quality relationship with your customers involves paying attention to the details: things like uncomfortable chairs, dirty glass doors, and pervasive odors negatively impact the customer experience. Further, this book answers the bigger question of 'what service is' and 'why service is important' and also shares tips and tricks for making a positive impression on your guests and staff. Ultimately, customers want to know that their experience matters, and Edwards offers sound advice about how to convey this message to customers by paying attention to detail and making the little things count. Readers will receive insights, such as the author's concept of 'I Notice = I Care,' which can help transform your team from generally good into generally great service ambassadors. Hello! And Every Little Thing That Matters will inspire you to deliver service that makes a difference and that makes your business come alive.


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