Rebel Friendships

“Outsider” Networks and Social Movements

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  • Benjamin Shepard

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    Pages 17-34
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    Pages 101-114
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    Pages 141-158
  9. Benjamin Shepard
    Pages 159-169
  10. Benjamin Shepard
    Pages 171-185
  11. Benjamin Shepard
    Pages 187-197
  12. Benjamin Shepard
    Pages 199-216
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 217-235

About this book


Rebel Friendships considers the interplay between individuals and their friendships with social movements. The intersections between individual and community, the ways we experiment with social change, explore, create, and reduce the harms of modern living are the work of social movements. Yet, the process is rarely simple. Through auto-ethnographic reflections of experiences with the Beats, ACT-UP, Occupy Wall Street, anti-consumer, queer rights, and non-polluting transportation movements Shepard explores the way friendship infuses social movements with the social capital necessary to move bodies of ideas forward. Such innovation is rarely seen in more institutionalized social arrangements. Rebel Friendships offers a new take on the ties between friends who are connected through affinity and efforts aimed at social change.


Protest Recall social change

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