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Brand Media Strategy

Integrated Communications Planning in the Digital Era

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About this book


Today's sophisticated media landscape offers more tools and platforms, for the savvy marketer than ever before. Media & brand expert Antony Young explores how today's most innovative marketers are meeting the challenge by employing the latest media tools in ways never before seen to grow their brands, and getting unprecedented results.


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About the authors

ANTONY YOUNG CEO of Optimedia International Inc. and has been responsible for developing strategy and executing media campaigns across 16 different countries for some of the most influential global brands, including Sony, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Nokia, Procter & Gamble, T-Mobile, and Toyota. He is the co-author of Profitable Marketing Communications and is a regular analyst and writer on media strategy for Advertising Age. In 2003, Young was rated by Mediaweek as one of the top 25 most influential people in the media industry.

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"Antony is a renaissance media executive, as clearly illustrated by his incisive, informative and very interesting take on one of the most important new media functionalities." - Mike Donahue, Executive Vice President, AAAA

"The beauty of this book is it doesn't pick sides with creative or media. They should be connected if your brand is going to succeed. Antony Young argues that the new-and the best- way to grow your brand is through communications planning that drives brand marketing across platforms. Read it and think...then rethink your strategy." - Amy Falkner, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Advertising,The Newhouse School, Syracuse University

"An indispensable playbook for connecting with consumers in a world gone digital. You have to consider how you are going to reach consumers before you decide what you're going to say. This provocation alone makes Young's book one of the most penetrating treatments of digital communications strategy yet written." - Kevin Roberts, CEO Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide

"Marketers need to think differently if they are going to survive the digital age. Everything is changing - the way brands are bought and sold, the way people discover and talk about them, and the way advertisers need to sell them. Antony Young shows how planners must never lose sight of this central goal and urges them to stay focused on business results. Read this and maybe you will." - Andrew Green, Chief Marketing Officer, Ipsos MediaCT

"A must-read to help navigate the turbulent and challenging realities of a business that is being radically altered by the digital revolution. Young presents coherent and logical insights and strategies for managing in an increasingly complex business environment. I highly recommend this book for those who are engaged in the ecosystem of brand marketing, whether they're just starting in the business or have had a decades-long career." - Jack Myers, Media Economist, Chairman, M.E.D.I.Advisory Group LLC, Jack Myers Media Business Report

"Today, is a whole new world, literally and digitally! Writing about it requires courage, because we are still very much in the middle of this media revolution. That's the brilliance of this book. It deftly captures the "usable" bits of learning we have accumulated with helpful ways to master what we can, without being pedantic and definitive as if the revolution is over! Young has provided a smart and usable guidebook on building brand media strategy on today's terms, not yesterday's. - Susan M. Gianinno, Chairman & CEO, Publicis USA

"Young splendidly portrays the enormous changes that have characterized the marketing communications industry during recent years...The book is an enlightening trip through all the important changes in the advertising and media industry, explaining how the Internet and social media have dramatically changed the way consumers make marketplace decisions and what marketers must do to successfully reach their target markets. Young's "digital manifesto" should be required reading for every media planner and marketer engaged in marketing communications. Highly recommended." - Choice