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James Tobin


Part of the Great Thinkers in Economics Series book series (GTE)

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About this book


James Tobin, 1981 Nobel laureate in economics, was the outstanding monetary economist among American Keynesian economists. This book, the first written about James Tobin, examines his leading role as a Keynesian macroeconomist and monetary economist, and considers the continuing relevance of his ideas.


econometrics economic growth economics growth inequality IS-LM John Maynard Keynes Keynes macroeconomics money

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  1. 1.Brock UniversityCanada

About the authors

Robert Dimand is a professor of economics at Brock University, Canada. In 2012-13 he was President of the History of Economics Society. His first book, The Origins of the Keynesian Revolution (1988), was based on his Yale PhD dissertation, supervised by James Tobin. He is the co-author of a book on the history of game theory, editor or co-editor of a dozen books, and author of more than ninety refereed journal articles.

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“As a former student of, and teaching assistant to, James Tobin, Robert Dimand’s motivation for preparing a monograph on his former dissertation supervisor is self-evident. … The introduction provides a brief biographical overview of Tobin … . The author’s ideas and the content of the book are substantive; and the scholarly and balanced nature of the judgements within each of the chapters is of a high standard.” (Michael McLure, The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, Vol. 23 (3), January, 2016)