France and the Politics of European Economic and Monetary Union

  • Valerie Caton

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  2. 1970–91

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      Pages 3-14
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      Pages 31-49
    4. Valerie Caton
      Pages 50-77
  3. 1992–2014

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      Pages 93-93
    2. Valerie Caton
      Pages 149-168
    3. Valerie Caton
      Pages 169-182
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 183-211

About this book


Why did France, with its strong sense of national identity, want to give up the Franc for the Euro? This book, by a former British diplomat in Paris, draws on new archive evidence to explore France's drive for European Economic and Monetary Union, and how unresolved Franco-German tensions over its design led to crisis.


France Germany politics European economic monetary EMU euro financial Diplomat Euro Euro area European Economic and Monetary Union European Union European Union (EU) monetary union national identity Policy

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