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Sex and Film

The Erotic in British, American and World Cinema

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About this book


Sex and Film is a frank, comprehensive analysis of the cinema's love affair with the erotic. Forshaw's lively study moves from the sexual abandon of the 1930s to filmmakers' circumvention of censorship, the demolition of taboos by arthouse directors and pornographic films, and an examination of how explicit imagery invaded modern mainstream cinema.


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About the authors

Barry Forshaw's books include Death in a Cold Climate, British Crime Film, The Rough Guide to Crime Fiction, Italian Cinema, British Crime Writing: An Encyclopaedia , and a biography of Stieg Larsson. He has written for a variety of newspapers, Crime Time, and is a talking head for ITV author profiles and BBC documentaries.

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'Forshaw gets under the skin of a topic. His writing is accessible and informed, dripping with detail, drawing on often surprising, striking and illuminating comparisons.' Dr Steven Peacock, Reader in Film and Television Aesthetics

'Barry Forshaw brings his knowledge, intelligence and, above all else, passion to each of his books that expertly offer fresh insights.' Stephen Jones, award-winning editor

'Forshaw is bang on about the films you already know but (even more importantly) makes you eager to track down and watch the lesser-known gems you haven't seen.' Anne Billson, film critic

'Forshaw offers fresh perceptions and quirky insights drawn from his considerable cultural range.' Ramsey Campbell, writer, film critic and editor

'Barry Forshaw's studies marry erudition with a film fan's obvious relish.' Stephen Volk, screenwriter and novelist

'Forshaw discovers many neglected pictures. His books are for pleasure and instruction, and then to keep on the reference shelf.' Philip French, The Observer

'Formidably well-researched and erudite.' Daily Mail

'The real value of this concise and comprehensive history of sex and censorship is the author's astute psychological assessment of the personalities in front of and behind the camera, as well as those who have attempted to impose their sense of morality on the movies.' Good Book Guide