Dominant Divisions of Labor: Models of Production That Have Transformed the World of Work

  • Thomas Janoski
  • Darina Lepadatu

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    Pages i-viii
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    Pages 15-32
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    Pages 33-53
  6. Thomas Janoski, Darina Lepadatu
    Pages 54-66
  7. Thomas Janoski, Darina Lepadatu
    Pages 67-71
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 72-91

About this book


The past century of labor was definitively captured by theories like Fordism and Taylorism, or scientific managment, but how do we make sense of global production today? This short book takes a panoramic view of the candidates for the most succinct theory of the 21st century division of labor, including post-Fordism, flexible accumulation, McDonaldization, Waltonism, Nikeification, Gatesism and Siliconism, shareholder value, and lean production and Toyotism. Authors Thomas Janoski and Darina Lepadatu argue that lean production in a somewhat expanded version presents three variations: Toyotism (the strongest form), Nikeification (a moderate form with off-shored plants lacking teamwork) and Waltonism (the merchandising form that presses for off-shoring). While all three share strong elements of "just in time" (JIT) production and supply chain management, they differ in how teamwork and long-term philosophies are valued. This critical review of dominant established theories serves to inform subsequent research on the contemporary international division of labor.


management production work

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  • Darina Lepadatu
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  1. 1.University of KentuckyUSA
  2. 2.Kennesaw State UniversityUSA

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