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Britain in Global Politics Volume 1

From Gladstone to Churchill

  • Christopher Baxter
  • Michael L. Dockrill
  • Keith Hamilton

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This volume of essays focuses upon Britain's international and imperial role from the mid-Victorian era through until the immediate aftermath of the Second World War. Individual chapters by acknowledged authorities in their field deal with a variety of broad-ranging and particular issues, including: 'cold wars' before the Cold War in Anglo-Russian relations; Lord Curzon and the diplomacy of war and peace-making; air-power as an instrument of colonial control; Foreign Office efforts to frame and influence the historical narrative; Winston Churchill's alternative to, and the pursuit of, policies of 'appeasement'; British responses to conflict and regime change in Spain; the Secret Intelligence Service and British diplomacy in East Asia'; Neville Chamberlain and the 'phoney war'; efforts to combat American misperceptions of Britain in wartime; and British-American differences over the future of Italy's colonial possessions. This collection, along with the accompanying volume covering the period after World War 2, is dedicated to the memory of Professor Saki Dockrill.


British Empire Churchill Cold War foreign policy Neville Chamberlain World War I

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  • Christopher Baxter
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  • Michael L. Dockrill
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  • Keith Hamilton
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  1. 1.Queen’s University BelfastUK
  2. 2.King’s College LondonUK
  3. 3.Formerly of the Foreign and Commonwealth OfficeLondonUK

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Philip Bell, University of Liverpool, UK John Fisher, University of the West of England Brian Holden Reid, King's College, London, UK Saul Kelly, King's College, London, UK Brian McKercher, Royal Military College of Canada Joe Maiolo, King's College, London UK T.G. Otte, University of East Anglia, UK Andrew Stewart, King's College, London, UK Glyn Stone, University of the West of England Martin Thomas, University of Exeter, UK

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“This stimulating collection of essays should be required reading for students of international history, and also serves as a credible means for nonspecialists to enrich their survey courses of British, European, and imperial history … .” (Geoff Bil, H-War, H-Net Reviews, February, 2018)

'These volumes offer scholars a variety of subjects about Britain's role in global politics since the nineteenth century. Among the strongest contributions are the chapters about foreign policy that rely on interviews and sources directly from policymakers and the political elite [The volumes] offer solid essays for scholars interested in Britain's role in global affairs since the late nineteenth century and are an excellent tribute to the memory of Saki Dockrill.'- The Journal of the Historical Association