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The 10 Principles of Open Business

Building success in today’s open economy

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    Pages 135-167
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    Pages 168-185
  13. David Cushman, Jamie Burke
    Pages 186-206
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    Pages 207-221
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    Pages 222-226
  16. Back Matter
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About this book


The 10 Principles of Open Business is a practical guide to organizational design for the Twenty-First Century. Using case studies, the authors define the 10 principles of open business that organisations must adopt to both survive and thrive, and provide a practical method to assess the reader's own organization.


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About the authors

David Cushman is a father and husband working in London and living in Cambridgeshire, UK. He works with a wide variety of businesses and brands as Strategy Partner at The Social Partners – an agency in which WPP has a majority stake. Previously he was Co-Founder of Open Business Consultancy 90:10 Group, Director of Social Media at Brando Social (an early social media agency) and Digital Development Director at Bauer Consumer Media. He has 25 years' experience in business, 14 years of those in digital business. He is an ex-journalist and current blogger ( He is often in demand to share his thinking around the world and has presented keynotes in Berlin, Madrid, New York, London, Hannover, Amsterdam and Cork. He is a permanent member of the Financial Times Judgment Call panel, author of The Power of the Network, and a trustee of Citizens Online – a UK Charity which aims to ensure no-one gets left behind by the internet revolution.

While this book is credited as being authored by David Cushman, the ideas within it, the inspiration for it and vision behind it are owed at least as much to Jamie Burke. Jamie was unable to contribute as much to this book as was originally planned, mostly because he has set off on the journey of creating his own Open Business. is Britain's first online FMCG retailer buying group. Watch that space.

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"The concept of an open business isn't a fad, it's a long-term business philosophy to connect with connected customers and employees and ultimately survive Digital Darwinism," - Brian Solis, author of What's the Future of Business (WTF)

"With giants such as Tesco getting involved you'd be mad not to take the ideas in this book seriously," - Euan Semple, author of Organizations Don't Tweet, People Do

"This book is an exciting rallying cry for the future business: One that is a productive collaboration between customers and the businesses who seek to earn their loyalty. Many of us are on that road already, I would urge you to read and act." - Matt Atkinson, Chief Marketing Officer, Tesco PLC

"David Cushman has laid out quite clearly and succinctly what could make your company great. The challenge is that you have to take action." - Chris Brogan, CEO of Human Business Works, author of Trust Agents and publisher of Owner Magazine.

"This book really challenged my thinking, and introduced me to some new concepts... Open Business is our present and our future. You can't afford to ignore that, or this book" - B2B Marketing magazine