The Business of Electronics

A Concise History

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  • Anand Kumar Sethi

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    Pages i-xii
  2. Anand Kumar Sethi
    Pages 1-8
  3. Anand Kumar Sethi
    Pages 9-19
  4. Anand Kumar Sethi
    Pages 21-36
  5. Anand Kumar Sethi
    Pages 37-48
  6. Anand Kumar Sethi
    Pages 61-86
  7. Anand Kumar Sethi
    Pages 113-129
  8. Anand Kumar Sethi
    Pages 131-153
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 155-207

About this book


Electronics is an ever-changing field with an entrepreneurial spirit and a rich history, populated by some of the world's most famous companies and personalities. The Business of Electronics details the field's complex ecosystem in all its trials and tribulations. It looks at companies such as Apple, IBM, Samsung, and Nokia, as well as now-extinct companies such as Honeywell Bull (France) and Sinclair Computers (UK) that contributed to technology and business. Sethi shows us how a handful of US companies led the charge in designing equipment that could make millions of small, reliable components; how Nokia started in the timber business; the history of inventors like J.C. Bose, a pioneer in radio communication (who inadvertently made Guglielmo Marconi famous); and why there are numerous companies and creators that never made it or that we have never heard of. This all-encompassing book not only explores the vibrant history of electronics, it uses case studies to examine the companies and people that made history and explain how we ended up where we are today.


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