Class and Contemporary British Culture

  • Anita Biressi
  • Heather Nunn

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    Pages 118-141
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    Pages 170-196
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    Pages 197-244

About this book


How does culture articulate, frame, organise and produce stories about social class and class difference? What do these stories tell us about contemporary models of success, failure, struggle and aspiration? How have class-based labels been revived or newly-minted to categorise the insiders and outsiders of the new 'age of austerity'? Drawing on examples from the 1980s to the present day, Class and Contemporary British Culture, now in paperback and with a new Preface, investigates the changing landscape of class and reveals how it has become populated by a host of classed figures including Essex Man and Essex Girl, the 'sharp-elbowed middle class', the 'feral underclass', the 'white working class', the 'undeserving poor', 'selfish baby boomers' and others. Overall, the book argues that social class, although complicated and highly contested, remains a valid and fruitful route into understanding how contemporary British culture articulates social distinction and social difference and the significant costs and investments at stake for all involved.


Social class class system popular culture media studies cultural studies British class system social mobility neoliberalism British politics celebrity Royal Family underclass meritocracy Essex Man Essex Girl immigration white working class political communication upper class capital culture education migration mobility politics social change sociology

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