Hegel’s Discovery of the Philosophy of Spirit

Autonomy, Alienation, and the Ethical Life: The Jena Lectures 1802–1806

  • Pini Ifergan

Part of the Renewing Philosophy book series (REP)

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About this book


This exploration of Hegel's critique of the individualistic ethos of modernity and the genesis of his alternative vision traces the conceptual schemes Hegel experimented with to show how he settled on the concepts of 'ethical life' (Sittlichkeit) and Spirit as the means for overcoming subjectivity and domination.


GWF Hegel The Jena Writings Alienation Ethical Life Philosophy of Spirit Fichte Hölderlin Modernity Tragedy autonomy concept consciousness critique culture ethics Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Hegel Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Hegel individual philosophy subject

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