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Western Anti-Communism and the Interdoc Network

Cold War Internationale


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About this book


Interdoc was established in 1963 by Western intelligence services as a multinational effort to coordinate an anti-communist offensive. Drawing on exclusive sources and the memories of its participants, this book charts Interdoc's campaign, the people and ideas that lay behind it and the rise and fall of this remarkable network during the Cold War.


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Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.Roosevelt Study CenterLeiden UniversityThe Netherlands

About the authors

GILES SCOTT-SMITH is a Senior Researcher with the Roosevelt Study Center in Middelburg, the Netherlands. Since 2009 he has held the Ernst van der Beugel Chair in the Diplomatic History of Transatlantic Relations since WW II at Leiden University.

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"Scott Smith explores in close detail the main protagonists and the tremendous wealth of initiatives undertaken by Interdoc." - Jost Dülffer, Archiv FÜR Sozialgeschichte (translated from original German review)