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Theology and Marxism in Eagleton and Žižek

A Conspiracy of Hope

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About this book


Taking its cue from the renewed interest in theology among Marxist and politically radical philosophers or thinkers, this study inquires into the reasons for this interest in theology focusing on the British literary theorist Terry Eagleton and the Slovenian philosopher and psychoanalyst Slavoj Žižek, as two contemporary prominent Marxist thinkers.


communism Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel god liberty Protest revolution theology

About the authors

Ola Sigurdson, professor of systematic theology, is Director of the Centre for Culture and Health at Gothenburg University, Sweden.

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"This book is the best treatment we have of two towering public intellectuals Eagleton an Zizek. These two powerful and profound voices are rendered even more relevant by Ola Sigurdson." - Cornel West, professor, Center for African American Studies, Princeton University, USA

"Sigurdson offers a close reading of Eagleton's and i ek's Marxist philosophies and their respective theological heritage. The fascinating disclosure of Eagleton's Catholic and i ek's Protestant influences gives rise to a reflection on the structural affinities between philosophy and theology and on their shared concern for human emancipation in a world suffering under many forms of alienation. In spite of all differences, it is radical hope, not optimism, which defines both Marxist and Christian approaches to the transformation of this universe. This careful and enlightening study promotes the urgent conversation on hope between critical and self-critical philosophical and theological thinkers." - Werner G. Jeanrond, Professor of Divinity, University of Glasgow, Scotland.

"Ola Sigurdson's Theology and Marxism in Eagleton and i ek is an accomplished and yet accessible work that makes a significant contribution to the conversation surrounding the connection between theology and radical thought." - Adam Kotsko, assistant professor, Shimer College, USA

"Thorough, mostly accurate and discerning, and animated everywhere by the author's stylistic clarity and ethical engagement, the book will serve as a good introduction for readers new to Zizek's and Eagleton's voluminous, everexpanding oeuvres. It will stand as well as a helpful compendium and source book for scholars more senior in this field." - Matthew Sharpe, Deakin University, Australia