Liberalization Challenges in Hungary

Elitism, Progressivism, and Populism

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  • Umut┬áKorkut

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  2. Umut Korkut
    Pages 1-21
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    Pages 23-56
  4. Umut Korkut
    Pages 57-79
  5. Umut Korkut
    Pages 117-160
  6. Umut Korkut
    Pages 161-193
  7. Umut Korkut
    Pages 195-201
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 203-243

About this book


In Hungary, as in all of "new Europe," liberalization is troubled. Using Hungary as an in-depth case study, Korkut demonstrates that, in squandering popular goodwill, credibility, and favorable circumstances after 1989, liberal politicians have found themselves vulnerable to conservative populist politics and the global economic crisis.


1989 crisis Europe politics

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