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Youth Identities and Argentine Popular Music

Beyond Tango

  • Editors
  • Pablo Semán
  • Pablo Vila

About this book


This book analyzes the music that young porteñas/os (the inhabitants of Buenos Aires, Argentina) actually listen to nowadays, which, contrary to well-entrenched stereotypes, is not tango but rock nacional, cumbiaand romantic music. Chapters examine the music and what the Argentinean youth use it to say about themselves.


culture identity migration Moral Nation realism religion Ritual Sex

About the authors

PABLO FEDERICO SEMÁN is Professor at El Colegio de México.
PABLO VILA is Professor in the Department of Sociology at Temple University, USA.

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"An intriguing exploration of multiple conjunctures and disjunctures in the unpredictable relationships between identity and music, the chapters in this volume consistently surprise the reader by demonstrating how endless innovation and creativity produce unexpected musical fusions, which nevertheless 'make sense' when seen in retrospect and from the point of view of the music-makers and their audiences." - Peter Wade, author of Music, Race and Nation: Música Tropical in Colombia