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Liberty and American Anti-Imperialism


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About this book


This book provides a study of the American anti-imperialist movement during its most active years of opposition to US foreign policy, from 1898 to 1909. It re-evaluates the movement's motives and operations throughout these years by evaluating the way in which Americans conceived the idea of 'liberty.'


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About the authors

Michael Patrick Cullinane is a lecturer in History at Northumbria University.

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'A fresh examination of the anti-imperialist movement was long overdue. And here it is. Michael Patrick Cullinane has given us new insights into anti-imperialist arguments of a century ago, and how their struggles over American concepts of liberty foreshadowed today's debates.' Lloyd Gardner, professor emeritus, Rutgers University, and author of The Road to Tahrir Square

'Michael Patrick Cullinane has written an extraordinary book, one which revises and revivifies the history of anti-imperialism in the United States. Liberty and American Anti-Imperialism reveals that anti-imperialism in the United States, long considered dead and irrelevant once the Philippines had been annexed, on the contrary lived on as an opposition movement for another two decades. Cullinane has written a major work of restoration, giving the reader a history of transnational anti-imperialist activism in the face of the rising American empire that is especially important today.' Marilyn B. Young, professor of History, New York University