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Leadership, Character and Strategy

Exploring Diversity

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About this book


Understanding how genetic and environmental differences influence people's characters allows leaders as different as Ghandi and Margaret Thatcher to be influential in their own way. Based on over two decades of experience and research this is a practioner's guide to developing a leadership strategy.


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About the authors

KEITH PATCHING is an Executive Coach running an international independent consultancy firm. Previously he was Director of the Management Development Unit at Cranfield School of Management. He was intimately involved with the research for, design, delivery and subsequent evaluation of many of the major in-company interventions which the School provided for clients. He has worked on programmes for national and international organizations in the public and private sectors, as well as recently privatized organizations facing major changes of direction.

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'Leaders and development practitioners have an alternative to the search for the leadership model holy grail. Keith Patching's definitive work provides insights into the diversity of leadership, how to identify and develop unique leadership capability and tap into the broad base of leadership that exists in our organisations.' - Terry Lockhart, Director, Leadership and Development, Merrill Lynch

'It is rare in the field of Leadership Development to have such a commercial yet intellectually robust work - I believe that this book shifts the paradigm and we will all be referring to ourselves as Guardians, Warriors, Sages and Adventurers in 20 years from now. Keith Patching has given those of us who operate in Leadership development an entirely new way of looking at the differentiators between the champions and the those who could have been successful if only brigade - this book is commercial, rational, focussed and based on the experiences of a senior practitioner in this area for over 20 years. A must read for anyone in the Leadership Development business and those who aspire to be the next generation of senior business leaders.' - William Warren, Chief Executive of Deabadh