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The Media and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

Lost and Found

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Although the impact of Hurricane Katrina has certainly been felt in political, economic, and social terms, the impacts on and of the media have largely been ignored. This book tells the stories of the reporters, newspapers, and broadcast stations most affected by Katrina and details their struggles to cover the aftermath.


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About the authors

Judith Sylvester is an Associate Professor at the School of Mass Communication, Louisiana State University.

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"Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath left in ruins the reputations of a mayor, a governor, and a president. However, the catastrophe also reminded Americans of the central role journalism plays in times of tragedy. Judith Sylvester s study of the journalists of Katrina tells the stories behind the stories - the stories of heroes who were also victims. This is an important book for anyone who values journalism." - George Kennedy, Professor Emeritus, Department of Newspaper Journalism, Missouri School of Journalism

"Media coverage of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita placed journalists at a difficult moral intersection. Dr. Sylvester captures their professional stories in the much needed pages of this text and provides an indispensable record of the important function of journalism in crises." - Connie Ledoux Book, Associate Dean and Associate Professor, School of Communications, Elon University