Development Administration in the Caribbean

Independent Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago

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  • Judith-Ann Walker

Part of the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague book series (ISSTH)

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A detailed and historical account of both theory and practice, this book attempts to make sense of the loose and little understood field of development administration. The book focuses on development administration over forty years and identifies key attributes of public bureaucracy which are associated with bureaucratic performance. The associations between bureaucracy's attributes and performance are employed in explaining development differences between Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago over the period 1960-1995. Associations are explored at the macro level through aggregate data and at the micro level through fascinating case studies of the Industrial Development Corporations (IDCs), associated with economic growth, and the Ministry of Education, associated with women's empowerment. The study establishes clear patterns of associations in the empirical cases and explores the implications of these findings for the theory of development administration.


development education social change

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