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Romantic Dynamics

The Poetics of Physicality


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Romantic Dynamics creatively collides English poetry with a wide range of exotic concepts associated with the 'new physics' of relativity and quantum to uncover their shared concerns for indeterminacy, uncertainty, relativity, and complexity in a chaotic universe. This interdisciplinary work traces the elaboration of dynamical models of cosmos and consciousness in works by Blake, Byron, Coleridge, the Shelleys and Wordsworth, finding in those works an exploration of the interpenetration of psyche and phenomena. This model, the author argues, establishes a new metaphoric terrain liberated from the classical mechanics of Newtonian thought and more easily traversed with models articulated by Bohr, Einstein and Hawking.


Coleridge poetics poetry Romanticism Wordsworth

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  1. 1.Arizona State UniversityUSA

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Mark S. Lussier is Associate Professor of Literature in the Department of English at Arizona State University.

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This is a very fine book, indeed, which makes a real contribution to our understanding of Romanticism, science, and ecological thought. Romantic Circles Review