School Choice and Student Well-Being

Opportunity and Capability in Education

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  2. School Choice, Globalisation and the Commodification of Education: Choosers and Losers

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    2. Anthony Kelly
      Pages 3-32
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    5. Anthony Kelly
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    6. Anthony Kelly
      Pages 100-117
    7. Anthony Kelly
      Pages 118-139
  3. Adapting Sen’s Theory of Capability to School Choice

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      Pages 141-141
    2. Anthony Kelly
      Pages 143-151
    3. Anthony Kelly
      Pages 152-162
    4. Anthony Kelly
      Pages 163-169
    5. Anthony Kelly
      Pages 170-178
  4. Back Matter
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About this book


This review of research in school choice adapts Sen's theory of Capability developing a more complex theoretical framework for understanding education markets. This gives those most affected by the perceived failure of public education a better explication of the tension between the rhetoric of public good and the reality of everyday disadvantage.


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