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Building a World-Class NHS

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The author of this book believes passionately in the National Health Service and through his work offers the government recommendations for how its reform process can be saved from failure. The NHS will only survive and be true to its founding principles if the reform programme is driven forward - and if the book's recommendations are implemented.


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IAN SMITH is Chief Executive Officer at Taylor Woodrow plc. Formerly Smith was CEO of the General Healthcare Group, which he joined in 2004 after an extensive international career covering a variety of industries and markets. From 2002 to 2004 he was CEO (Europe, Middle East & Africa) of logistics company Exel, having been Group Commercial Director for four years of its predecessor company, Ocean Group where he operated in the United States, Asia and Europe. Smith holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an MA from Oxford University. He is currently a non-executive director of MFI. He is also an adjunct Professor of Business at Imperial College, London.

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"This is a powerful challenge to the conventional wisdom about choice and competition as dangers to the NHS. It makes a strong case that patient choice and competition are essential both for improving services now and for creating incentives to use innovation in the future. It should be essential reading for managers and health professionals who want to understand the real choices facing the NHS." Nick Bosanquet, Professor of Health Policy, Imperial College.