Plagues and Politics

Infectious Disease and International Policy

  • Andrew T. Price-Smith

Part of the Global Issues Series book series (GLOISS)

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Infectious diseases once thought to be controlled (such as malaria and tuberculosis) are now spreading rapidly across the globe, and lethal new disease agents (HIV/AIDS, ebola and BSE) continue to emerge at an ominous pace. Policymakers must consider the implications of disease proliferation for economic prosperity, general well-being, and national security in affected societies. This work represents a collection of articles from the premier authors in the field on the ramifications of disease emergence for international development, international law, and national security.


AIDS economics Global Public Health health HIV infection infectious diseases Public Health

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  • Andrew T. Price-Smith
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  1. 1.Department of Political Science and Public AdministrationUniversity of North DakotaUSA

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