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Editing Virginia Woolf

Interpreting the Modernist Text

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  • James M. Haule
  • J. H. Stape

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This volume covers a wide range of editorial confrontations with Virginia Woolf's writings, touching on almost every genre in which she wrote: fiction, diary, letter, biography. It describes a variety of editorial practices and deals with current theories informing the critical editing of the prose of this singular twentieth-century woman writer. This collections of essays by distinguished scholar-critics of Virginia Woof confronts a number of contemporary issues in critical editing: the use of pre-print materials, authorial revision, the collation of historical texts; and it engages in a lively discussion of the present-day editorial apparatus, tackling questions on annotation and paratext. The volume is essential reading for anyone seriously interested in the critical editing of Modernist writing or in the ways in which Woolf's canon has been and is being preserved for her present and future readers.


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About the authors

JOANNE TRAUMANN BANKS Adjunct Professor, Penn State's College of Medicine, MORRIS BEJA Lecturer, Ohio State University, ANN OLIVER BELL Doctor of Letters, Sussex University EDWARD BISHOP Professor, University of Alberta, NAOMI BLACK Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Women's Studies, York University, Toronto and Adjunct Professor of Women's Studies, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax SUSAN DICK Department of English, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, DIANE F. GILLESPIE Professor of English, Washington State University, S.P. ROSENBAUM Professor Emeritus of English Literature, University of Toronto and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

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